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Vaccines, Duct Tape, Linear Thinking, and Spherical Time.

Yes, yes, two articles on the same topic in a row. Complain, but it’s topical, and if you ask me, it’s a fantastic case study in how different philosophies result in radically divergent material viewpoints.
Immunity is a Spectrum.

I should have wrote this a year ago. Some things are crystal clear in hindsight. Disclaimer: this whole piece is conjecture. I play with ideas. Increasingly I view my job as to get general forms and trends, and try out different ideas. Less black and white (ironic, coming from a moral absolutist). Which flows nicely into the hypothesis I’m putting forth, which seems pretty uncontroversial, but has horribly controversial rammifications if true: Immunity is on a spectrum.
Failure to Feast.

Alexander Schmemann’s “For the Life of the World” is a beautiful work. It’s absolutely stunning. There are a number of topics and poignant things you could pontificate over… but the one which stuck out to me, especially since in the (Catholic) church we just entered into the joyous season of Easter, is that of feasting.
Method and Antimethod

Paul Feyerabend’s Against Method is certainly a thinker in these modern times. There are already many great praises of it so I won’t add much to it, but I do want to be distinct about something.
Arithmetic Thinking is Smoothbrained.

The development of early western philosophy is undoubtedly intertwined with mathematics, and in particular, geometry.
The Web is a Real Place.

For years now people have been trying to fix the internet. Not a lot of people are talking about modeling and understanding the internet in the first place, though. A lot of folk like myself have a sort of ‘nostalgia’ for the ‘old internet’. That’s a nebulous statement, but it’s right. To understand, an analogue is needed.
The Three S's

When I mentored FLL, I came up with three design principles that I could instill in my students. It seemed to take root. The three S’s: - Simple - Solid - Servicable
Designing for Competent Users

A lot of engineering designs revolve around not allowing the user to “do dumb things”. Honestly, this is a great thing to do. There are many cases, especially in protective equipment that is a matter of life and death, where the potential for harm is far, far too high.
A Love Letter to Cardboard

Steel is the king of building materials. Plywood is the queen.